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The  Shale Gas Knowledge Hub (SGKH) is an initiative of the Center for Energy Policy and Management (CEPM) at Washington & Jefferson College. Established in 2012, the Center was designed to facilitate discussions pertaining to the development of local, state, and national energy policies that promote economic growth while minimizing environmental impacts. 

In 2015,  with the generous funding and support of the Richard King Mellon Foundation, the CEPM established the SGKH. Guided by the mission and principles of the Center, the SGKH has come to be known as the premier source of reliable, impartial, and accessible information about shale gas development in Pennsylvania. 

Today, the SGKH produces a weekly newsletter with critical news stories and research updates about shale gas development that is disseminated to thousands of subscribers across the United States. In addition, the staff works closely with stakeholders throughout the Commonwealth to promote education through workshops and training sessions and provide technical assistance to citizens, non-profit leaders, and communities.  


The region faces a number of challenges as the shale gas industry continues to grow and change.


The Shale Gas Knowledge Hub has partnered with the Environmental Law Institute and Local Government Academy along with the American Geophysical Union and others. 

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